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Minetest server (more details in the linked page, connect to server using minetest client)


2023-12-30: Fixed minetest server update scripts so they would install correct subgame as it would be no longer bundled since not so recent update would remove it from packaging.

2023-09-29: Added a world area limit for minetest world map generation.

2023-09-17: Added robots meta tag to minetest pages.

2023-03-11: Fixed a bug causing banning of ipv6 addresses not to work.

2022-12-13: Updated php to latest available version.

2022-10-29: Automatic minetest server and information page updates are now working, scripts restored.

2022-10-27: Rebuilt and installed the minetest server. No automatic server & info page updates yet.

2022-10-26: Reinstalled server OS and restored Apache configuration. The server is now running on Debian.

2022-05-21: Changed the order of displayed updates. New updates will appear on top from now, update entry posting form still not implemented at this time.

2022-05-19: Fixed a bug in server configuration where requests to missing php files would show an incorrect error page.

2022-05-09: Refactored ban management page. Less bugs in the ban list actions, they now point to correct location on the list if needed.

2021-10-21: The minetest server hosted here is now automatically updated and restarts around 7 AM each day at the local time.

2021-07-29: Fixed a bug causing error page not functioning properly.

2021-06-25: Implemented sql error logging. Any before unseen SQL error will be cached and any bugs found will be fixed way sooner.

2021-06-17: Some internal code updated, added a few missing features such as clearing logs.

2021-05-20: Updated minetest page, added a dedicated page for each minetest world.

2021-03-29: Some editor bugfixes, including scope isolation for preview mode.

2021-03-28: Site title can now be changed in site configuration page. No longer need to edit the code of the site. Implemented direct home page content editing.

2021-03-27: Site internals update. Implemented site configuration and user pages. Logged in user can now change password.

2020-11-23: Created a new Minetest world accessible through port 30001 and a dedicated page for the server with interesting details such as world screenshots and other stuff.

2020-10-20: Upgraded php to latest available version (7.4.11).

2020-10-19: Server now is SSL enabled, with Let's Encrypt certificate, subdomain under my personal site url. Fixed some security issues.

2020-10-07: Updated layout. Added sidebar, log in form and admin panel for admin users. Removed testing area and the link to it.

2020-10-06: Added a script automatically banning IP addresses requesting too many 404 errors in a short time. No working login or admin panel yet.

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